Business as usual

2Go™ presents your familiar enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, HCM, BI etc.) on your mobile device while improving your efficiency using custom gesture controls and selectable custom keyboards. The intuitive user experience requires no additional training yet this one app provides mobile full bi-directional functionality across ALL of your critical systems.

Deployment made easy

You can be up and running in days, with minimal hardware infrastructure and no code change to your existing software.  2Go™ works with any application, including customised and 3rd party systems, regardless of vendor or format.

Lower your TCO

Without the need to overhaul your enterprise systems or complex infrastructure requirements, the Total Cost of Ownership of 2Go™ is typically 75% less than traditional mobility solutions.  Our flexible no-nonsense licensing model makes budgeting a breeze, so you always know where you stand!