Does mobile device use by Police create more problems than answers?

General Data Protection Regulations and the Police Many of you will be familiar with the increasing volume of discussion being held in businesses around the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) due to come into force next year. How does this affect the use of mobile devices for the Police Force? What you may not be…

Mobile - Man at airport viewing secure business charts on mobile device

Mobile ERP – daydream or nightmare?

Have the issues to Mobile ERP been solved? Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors claim that they have mobile versions of their systems able to extend the reach of their users beyond the workplace. So surely the problem of how to allow employees to access these ERP systems via their mobile devices has been solved? Unfortunately not…

Mobile ERP lightbulb moment

Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer to save mobile ERP

Will the Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer be the salvation of mobile ERP? You have been there.  For years, you have learned how to use your ERP system to streamline your business.  You know the keystrokes and shortcuts.  You are aware of the 3rd party tools and the customization used to make the processes flow smoothly. It…