Does mobile device use by Police create more problems than answers?

General Data Protection Regulations and the Police Many of you will be familiar with the increasing volume of discussion being held in businesses around the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) due to come into force next year. How does this affect the use of mobile devices for the Police Force? What you may not be…

2Go enables Voice Dictation for any enterprise application

Voice Dictation Has Come of Age

The “Barrier Trifecta” of Voice Dictation Voice dictation/recognition has been an interest of mine since the mid 90s.  From years of playing the piano as well as composing every school paper on a PC, my words per minute using a keyboard is actually quite fast. However, the appeal of being able to translate my thoughts via…


Increase Productivity with Voice Dictation and 2Go

Voice Dictation – On The Move Watch this video to find out how you can send messages via voice dictation to all of your enterprise applications from your mobile device.  This feature will significantly increase your productivity when on the move. With 2Go you can dictate to any of your enterprise applications regardless of whether those applications are originally…