Does mobile device use by Police create more problems than answers?

General Data Protection Regulations and the Police Many of you will be familiar with the increasing volume of discussion being held in businesses around the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) due to come into force next year. How does this affect the use of mobile devices for the Police Force? What you may not be…

Mobile Flash dashboards on an iPad!


Responding to users’ device demands and staying within regulations With the huge surge in demand for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), there are even more compelling reasons to review how you respond to users’ device demands. If users require mobile access to critical corporate enterprise applications, there is an effort…

Mobile - Man at airport viewing secure business charts on mobile device

Webinar – 27th April @ 11am – Is there a more powerful way to go mobile?

Is there a more powerful way to go mobile? Date: Thursday 27th April Time: 1100 start URL: There is a better way! Join our webinar to discover how rapidly you can deliver secure, fully functional access to even your most critical enterprise applications to mobile users all without re-engineering, re-development and re-training whilst improving…


Success for 2Go at the Mobile World Congress

From 22nd February – 2nd March 2017, iNovar participated in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  Organised by the GSMA, this is the worlds largest gathering for the mobile industry and was the perfect showcase for 2Go. Attendees flocked to Mobile World Congress 2017, more than 108,000 to be exact. Professionals from 208 countries and…

Working at dektop with BYOD devices, a camera and a cup of coffee.

Delivering BYOD success with mobile application layering

Why mobile application layering beats point-specific mobile app development Many organisations are experiencing strong demand from their workforce to provide mobile access to their critical enterprise systems on their BYOD devices.  A recent study by Gartner has estimated that demand levels will grow five-fold this year and outstrip the capabilities of IT to deliver –…

Ensure EnAML connects to all your enterprise applications.

What is EnAML? Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer

EnAML – What is an Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer? The ability to connect all your enterprise applications through one layer which connects to any mobile device. Work directly with your content, including full editing and object creation capabilities. View, through a mobile device, exactly the same applications as you do on your desktop. Never feel…

The smart technology behind 2Go

Explaining 2Go™ Technology

Understanding the 2Go™ technology will enable you to clearly see the value of this Enterprise Applications Mobility Layer for your organisation. 2Go™ technology has 4 main parts:- Device App License Validation Server which sits in the cloud and validates that the device is properly licensed. VPN Gateway – an optional component, if the organization doesn’t have their own…